Thursday, August 6, 2009

Gear Up For Halloween

Alright, it is time to gear up for Halloween. It is right around the corner. So now that most of the Summer movies have come out I can tell you with confidence that Star Trek is going to blow other costumes out of the water. If you have not seen this movie it is still in some theaters and I highly recommend it. Secondly, Harry Potter will do great with the kids. For those of you that saw it opening night I am sure you saw all the people dressed in costumes. These are die hard fans.

Watch out for people over charging for these costumes. If you go into some of the costume stores that are only open for a month they will have a premium set on these costumes. I suggest using local costume stores that are there year round for a better price. As for buying online most companies are going to be comparable, but look for one that have free shipping if you want to save some money. I know that is going to have free shipping until Halloween. There coupon says it does not expire until then.

The next big movie to come out that I hope will make a splash is the new G.I. Joe. I plan on seeing it ASAP as it comes out this weekend. I will post on this movie as soon as I see it.

Look for posts next week on party ideas. I have some good ones for you adults out there. And parents do not worry I will not leave you out.

Until next week! I'm Freaky Floyd

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hot for the 4th of July

So are you planning a big party for the 4th? Well, everyone needs to be dressed in their best red, white and blue to celebrate the biggest day for all Americans. Whether you just wear an American flag pin, red, white and blue beads, or go all out as Uncle Sam or the Statue of Liberty the 4th is another day that requires some dressing up!

To give you some ideas for the lake you can wear beads and a hat to shade you from the sun. Also to show your giving spirit it is great to take extra and pass them to your new friends. This is a day where anything can go. Even at a formal party ladies can wear liberty tiaras and gentlemen can wear Uncle Sam top hats.

Whatever your plans are be sure to show some extra spirit. I have included some pictures of some of the simple things you can do to celebrate our red, white and blue! Be safe and have a great 4th!!!

These products can all be found at

Monday, June 8, 2009

Theme Parties

Just like Prom, the best parties follow a theme. Whether it's famous couples, Renaissance, pirates, or doctors and nurses a theme party can be whatever you want it to be.

Obviously, Halloween already has its own theme, but you can take your party a step further. Invite your guests for a fun evening as their favorite Disney character to make your party stand out from the rest. Practically any theme you choose will have decorations to match.

Also, whether you choose to go with a theme or not it is always fun to give out small prizes to the best costume, best couple, scariest costume, funniest costume, sexiest costume and more! This allows people to really get in the mood if they know there's some incentive.

Some of the best couples/group costumes include The Wizard of Oz characters, the Three Stooges, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella and Prince Charming, Convicts, T-Bird and Pink Lady (Sandy and Danny), Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein, I Love Lucy cast, Harry Potter and cast, Slipknot, Kiss, Hugh Hefner and Playboy Bunny, Batman and Robin and Hippies.

For more costume ideas check out my favorite costume store at

I have the inside word they are adding 15,000 new costumes and accessories by September 2009.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Teens for Halloween

Let's face it, when it comes to Halloween teens get lost in the middle. They feel like they are too old for trick-or-treating, but are too young for a serious party. Parents also worry about what their daughters are going to wear. Well, fear not! Costume companies have begun to recognize that teens get stuck in the middle. New lines of sweet, but mature costumes are out their for teens. Boys you do not have to worry too much about. They fit into the men's category for Halloween.

For girls they have age appropriate, but still fun costumes like teens want them. There is everything from new and improved devils, witches, vampiressess, angels, sweet maids and cowgirls. There are also great superhero and movie costumes like the new line of Wizard of Oz characters, Superwoman, Batgirl and Minnie Mouse. These costumes get teens attention and parent approval.

So what about the event they attend on Halloween night? If their high school is not hosting an event, the best idea is for a parent to host a party. Give the teens room to hang, but have activities to do like Halloween trivia. Mix up the music with music teens like and some traditional Halloween. They may think they are too cool, but every teen loves Monster Mash. Here is the important part to a teen party, let them run it! Teens do not want their parents to be too visible to their friends, but hey you will get massive cool points with your teens if you give them a little room to breath, but show that you care they have a fun and safe time! Remember we all used to be there. For more costume ideas go to my favorite costume website

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Preparing for October 31st

It seems like every year consumers wait longer and longer to purchase their Halloween costume, but this year I would get in stores early or order online because this years hot items are going to go fast.

Parents, think of it as Christmas. Halloween comes once a year and the favorite costume tends to sell out. Once your child sees the new Harry Potter movie in July start thinking early if that is what he or she wants to be for Halloween. Harry Potter, along with Transformers and Toy Story should do very well. I have inclueded some sneak previews of what the costumes will look like.

For adults, it is easier to wait til a little closer to Halloween. It is still a good idea to go in early and especially order online early in case something does not fit. Just a tip: adult costumes especially womens tend to fit small.

Retail costume stores tend to have the majority of their shipments in stock by the beginning of August and are fully stocked by September 1st. Do not wait for big chains to set up their stores and open in October. Besides going into stores early you can try shopping online. One retailer I like is Ehrle's Party & Carnival Supply at They have been a brick and mortar store for more than 55 years and also sell online!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Get Ready 2009

Allow me to introduce myself. I am a third generation costume expert with limitless knowledge on all things Halloween. I want to take this opportunity to share costume ideas, predictions for what is hot and not, information on how to throw the best Halloween parties (adults and kids), and much more! I also attend the largest Halloween shows in the country every year so I definitely know what is going on. I hope that you will spread the word about my blog to all your friends and family. This is not only information for adults and their Halloween needs, but for parents who need ideas and kids. I would love to hear feedback from you and welcome your questions and ideas.

I thought I would get started by giving you some ideas about what the hottest movies this year will be doing. I know this seems a little early, but predictions are already brewing about what will be hot for Halloween 2009.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine: The X-Men movies have been a huge success thus far and according to critics this one should live up to its predecessor’s standards. Every year when this series comes to theatres the Wolverine has done very well and I anticipate X-Men fans will be excited about the new design for this heroic character. The movie was released May 1, 2009.

Star Trek: Whether you are a Star Trek fan, tons of people are going to flock to see this Sci-Fi classic in theatres May 8, 2009. Already getting rave reviews by fans and critics to the biggest movie of 2009. This action packed sci-fi thriller is sure to make an impact for adults and kids alike. The costumes are already in production and ready to be released.

Terminator Salvation: Although the terminator is a classic, in the Halloween industry I do not expect it to do much in the way of costumes. There are designs coming out for the Terminator, but I anticipate the costume to sell to diehard fans. With so many choices this Halloween this one will only make a tiny costume splash. Let’s see what happens when the movie hits theatres May 22, 2009.

Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen: Kids and adults loved the first Transformers and it made some success in the costume industry (again so many choices). Such characters as Bumble Bee and Optimus Prime should still maintain a high presence with boys 12 and under, but the first movie had very little response for adults wearing the costume. This movie is expected to be action packed when it comes to theatres June 24, 2009.

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince: This is the kids costume to beat. There’s nothing like a good Harry Potter movie and it is going to make a huge splash with kids! Coming to theatres July 15, 2009 adults and kids alike are dying to see this movie. I anticipate lots of people coming dressed up in their old Harry Potter costumes and once they see the new movie will be excited to get the new ones. This is definitely the kids costume choice for this Halloween!

G.I. Joe Rise of the Cobra: Due August 7, 2007 should be a good new release for action-thriller fans. The costumes themselves are cool looking. They have a Terminator type feel. Leather-like with extreme muscles many boys and men will like this costume. This still will not compare when it comes to Star Trek, but it will make a small splash for costumes 2009.

H2 (Halloween 2): Michael Myers is always a popular choice when it comes to Halloween costumes. Usually having the most success with teenage boys this franchise will continue to have great success! Coming out August 23, 2009 fans will get excited to see this classic horror film. It is an easy costume to wear so I recommend it to all young men.

Toy Story 3: A great costume for little kids and toddlers the first two movies of Toy Story were a big success. I anticipate this movie to continue to do well when it is released October 2, 2009. It will be best for smaller children and toddlers who do not want to be Harry Potter or a scary character.

Monsters and Aliens: Already in theatres this movie has had great reviews. Kids and adults alike have enjoyed this movie. There is not much to say about this particular costume except it will be another great one for the smaller kids. Released May 27, 2009.

Hannah Montana: The Movie: Released April 10, 2009 Hannah Montana will continue to be a great costume for the tween generation. The costume was not as popular last year as in previous years, but with the release of the movie it will have better success. The new costumes are different than previous ones and I think parents and kids will be pleased. Great one to check out!

Want to find these costumes? Most are due to release this Summer. Check out Call to find out their release date in-stores.